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5A Inc. is a development agency that has just released a new game called Combo Crush. The point of this game is similar to Cards Against Humanity — create the most entertaining card combination and you win points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the round is the winner. Combo Crush adds another element to the game though: the ability to guess the judge’s selection for the round and earn more points. The game serves as a fun way to make creative combinations of contexts and activities, and is a great way to…


Climate change is not a faux, as is evident from the increasing global temperatures and extreme environmental events. Greater than 95% of this change is attributed to human activity (IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, 2014), suggesting that realisation of a recovered future is a possibility if humans make alterations to their current lifestyles. Broadly termed as Green Practices, lifestyles change constitute actions such as using public transport, recycling, or installing energy-efficient house appliances, in order to reduce our ecological footprint. Though green practices can’t work in isolation, they are impactful enough to mitigate the negative impact of our habits on environment.

Research Method

Photo by Clint Adair on Unsplash

As part of my course at CMU, Co-Designing for Social Innovation, I discovered a whole new world of complex systems. This article contains some of the key takeaways from the course.

Anthrocomplexity: an uncommon theory

The “garden gate” was an interesting analogy but I have understood Professor Marc’s experience as two distinct systems forming the whole and each one being indispensable from the other. I have used the analogy of “systems game” to understand both ordered systems and complex adaptive systems.

The ordered system is well-defined, the individual parts of this system cannot work in isolation and are “connected merely…

Courtesy: Fashion Revolution

After a gripping conversation with my sister on a Sunday afternoon which made me reflect on the subject for the rest of the day, I decided to put it out for people like me, who are oblivious to the fashion industry that has unfailingly allured us this whole time.

Lately, with the incoming of global brands to our country and the dramatic increase of fashion production over the past decade, the industry has consumed a sizeable interest of youth who are willing to stand in a queue to get their hands on the low-priced snazzy wardrobe. We are buying more…

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I like humor, humans and design, in no particular order.

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